Harman residents continue to recover from flash floods amidst federal aid uncertainty

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RANDOLPH COUNTY, W.Va. (WDTV) -- Harman residents are continuing to recover from flash floods that devastated the town three weeks ago.

The streets of Harman are quiet now. National Guard humvees no longer sit outside of the fire department. Supply trailers are no unloading supplies into the senior center and the debris lining the streets is all but gone.

The senior center, while still a headquarters for supplies, has begun to wind down operations.

"We are pretty much trying to get the senior center back to normal," Melanie Snider, the Senior Center Site Manager.

Residents say that life is starting to go back to normal, but work still needs to be done.

"It is starting to make a comeback. We could use some help putting some of this stuff back. But I don't know if FEMA is going to help us or not," said Clyde Thompson, a Harman resident.

Residents like farmer and city council member Linda Teter have been fighting for federal aid to help remove the debris from their property.

"We need help getting all of this mess removed. It's not just me being a farmer. There is about forty of us here in the community that is in the same predicament that I am. We need excavators and we need dump trucks and somewhere to put this mess," said Teter.

Teter says she is worried that the debris in her farm will wash into the local school if another flood were to happen. She has also voiced concern about debris stopping her from getting feed to the animals on her farm when Harman begins to receive snow.

Teter spoke with Senator Joe Manchin yesterday when he visited and has spoken with Governor Jim Justice over the phone. Teter said FEMA has visited Harman.

"They've reviewed the town and there's three sites that they are sort of looking at to help with the repairs which is the sewer plant, the school and the fire department. As for individuals, I kinda doubt that there's going to be any help for the people that are being hurt in their homes," said Teter.