Harman sees progress after flooding

Published: Jul. 6, 2019 at 4:23 PM EDT
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Last Sunday, Harman took a lot of damage after a devastating flood. Now, several communities are helping by sending in donations to the town and volunteers.

Randolph county commission president, Mark Scott says the flood did a lot to the area. After Thursday, they prepared for the worst as they got a report about a dam that was failing. Scott says that they are cleaning up the mess from the flooding and making sure the dam stays in good condition.

"We've been slowly draining the dam for the last 30 hours or so," said Scott. "It's being done now and it will be done for the next several days..."

Along with the progress of the dam, Scott says that several representatives from the state OEM and people from in and out of the community have offered a helping hand.

"What we've seen from the state, from the DOH, and our federal officials," said Scott. "You can't ask for more support, that's for sure."

Scott also says that even though the flood was devasting, it taught officials a lot about what they can do if flooding occurs in the future.

"We've kind of learned as we've gone working with state officials they've been awesome," said Scott. "We've had federal officials with different elective representatives that have been communicating with us and so what we believe that if this event happens again, we'll be even better prepared."

If another flooding does happen again, Scott advises people in the community to be aware.

"Stay vigilant, listening to what the office of emergency management has to tell them," said Scott.

Scott says that town isn't completely out of the woods yet but he says that the community is grateful for the support.

"Boy, it's awfully good to know that in West Virginia we're family."