Harrison Co. Commission to restrict public access

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CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (WDTV) -- Harrison County Commissioner Ronald Watson announced in a news release the County Commission will be closed to the general public starting on Wednesday, March 25.

All matters should be handled over mail, phone, and online. Taxes may be paid in the same matter.

Watso also addresses the upcoming primary election in May.

"The County Commission and Clerk of the County Commission are working diligently with the Office of the Secretary of State to insure our election process is conducted in a fashion that provides the utmost protection of an individual's right to vote," says Watso.

He says the Commission will continue to work with various agencies and the board of education to meet the food distribution needs of seniors and children.

If an emergency would arise, Watso encourages you to call the commission.

"In accordance with the stay at home order issued by the office of the governor, if at all possible, stay home, and stay safe," says Watso.