Harrison County 911 officials mull mobile CAD system

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HARRISON COUNTY, W.Va (WDTV) - At the Harrison County Emergency Ambulance Authority meeting Monday, 911 officials brought up the idea of implementing mobile computer aided dispatch systems.

"We want to make sure that everybody out there responding to your emergency has all the information they could possibly have at their fingertips," said Paul Bump, Harrison-Taylor 911 director.

Bump and other emergency officials have been discussing the idea of transitioning to mobile CAD systems for at least a couple years.

"We actually had the request from the field," Bump explained. "Law enforcement, in particular, wants more data available to them in the field."

If implemented, the system would allow first responders in ambulances to see what dispatchers see.

A dispatcher can enter information from a 911 call into a database, and in real time, a first responder would be able access that same information.

"[Dispatchers] would just say 'check your CAD, check your mobile, all the notes are there,'" Bump explained. "They would say 'hey, we've got something pertinent, you need to read it.'"

Bump says this system would help streamline communication, and offer an efficient and safe alternative to radio traffic.

"A lot of information is gathered, a lot of personal questions are asked," Bump said. "Especially with older people, if they've fallen and can't get up, well the key might be hidden somewhere outside. Well, they'll tell us where that key is, and I really don't want to broadcast that on the radio."

According to Bump, the system would cost about $500,000 to implement, but he suggests it's too premature to discuss those figures. He plans on broaching the subject at the next Ambulance Authority meeting in April.