Harrison County Commission backs Atlantic Coast Pipeline

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HARRISON COUNTY, W.Va (WDTV) - The Harrison County Commission plans to endorse the Atlantic Coast Pipeline project, the three commissioners announced at their weekly meeting Wednesday.


Representatives from Dominion were on hand to discuss the 600 mile interstate natural gas pipeline. They presented the economic benefits they foresee in the area, including a projection of more than 3,000 jobs in the state.

They also brought up a recent Environmental Impact Statement.

"It indicates that the Atlantic Coast Pipeline will have minimal effect on the environment, on archeology, on endangered species," Bob Fulton, spokesperson with Dominion, said.

Environmentalists disagree. A statement from April Pierson-Keating, of the Mountain Lakes Preservation Alliance, is below:

"This pipeline is a health hazard and a terrorist target. The fracking that will ensue will poison even more water than already has been. Fayette County is a good example of how frack waste can toxify whole communities. We would much rather see our officials support green energy development and energy efficiency, agriculture, tourism, and industrial hemp - and the thousands of jobs and tax revenue that go with those sustainable industries. Sacrificing our water, safety, and public health so giant companies can make a profit is not a good trade-off. More and more people are standing up to preserve our water and ensure a clean energy future for all West Virginians. West Virginia is not a dumping ground for industry. Our people can do better."