Harrison County Schools could see change in start date and breaks with new calendar draft

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HARRISON COUNTY, W.Va (WDTV) - The Harrison County School District is looking at a few schedule changes for the upcoming school year with a new calendar draft in the works. One of the biggest changes that schools could see is a later start date.

"We found out from input from the community, students, and parents that they'd prefer to start a little later," said Superintendent Dr. Mark Manchin. "So with this proposed calendar, if approved school will start for students on August 26th."

This school year, students started on August 15th, but if the new calendar passes students would be back in the classroom a full 11 days later. But will this later start keep kids in school longer?

"The last day in this calendar for students will be June 4th if there are no snow days. But we have a little more flexibility with our Ice Pack Days now that we didn't have in the past."

The new calendar would also alter students school breaks. Break times for holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving would stay the same, while a student's Easter break would get shortened..

"There is not the traditional spring break," said Dr. Manchin. "Other than the fact that there is a Friday and a Monday that the students will have off, and not the entire week. That allows us to end the school year a little earlier."

School officials say that nothing is finalized in the calendar draft, and days when staff comes to school but students don't, like with snow days and staff development days, need to be taken into account as well.

"We want to embed in the calendar days that will allow for professional development, in-service training, and interactions between administrators and teachers as they prep for the school year."

The next public hearing for the proposed calendar draft will be held on March 5th.