UPDATE: School district investigating teacher who wrote controversial book

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Dr. Mark Manchin said he and his staff will continue to review excerpts of the book, as they work to determine if any federal or state policies were violated.

"It does raise the specter that perhaps he's using specific individuals and clearly not changing their names or anything," Dr. Manchin said. "And that's simply inappropriate."

It's not clear at this time if any laws covered by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) were breached, but Dr. Manchin said that is one aspect of their investigation.

The book was framed as a work of fiction, but administrators clearly recognized the story to be based off of Lincoln High School. Some of the characters share the same names as current and former students, and salacious details of their personal lives serve as subplots.

"It's very upsetting," said Judy Thomas, whose grandson is a freshman at Lincoln High School. "Especially to think it was a teacher from Lincoln, because they have always run a tight ship."

Several parents have reached out to 5 News, concerned about students' privacy rights and disturbed by passages that appear to be sexual in nature.

In excerpts obtained by 5 News, characters divulge information about their sexual history. In other passages, the writer describes physical attributes of girls, mentioning one's "curves."

As 5 News reported earlier Thursday, the book has been removed from Amazon and Crosby has been suspended indefinitely with pay.

We have reached out to Crosby several times, but have not heard back.

A Lincoln High School teacher has been suspended after he was identified as the author of a book that allegedly gives racy details into students' personal lives.

The book-called Untouchable-has been taken off Amazon, but not before school administrators had a chance to review excerpts of it.

The book was written by a J.D. Crosby, a teacher in the social studies department at Lincoln High School.

Superintendent Dr. Mark Manchin says it appears the names of multiple current and former students were used in this book, accompanied by racy details of their personal lives.

Crosby has been suspended indefinitely with pay.

Mike Valente will have an in-depth report on First at 5.