Mayors Association met to discuss county issues

"HARRISON COUNTY", W.Va (WDTV) -- Mayors and officials from all over Harrison County met at the round table in Clarksburg to discuss the county's biggest issues.

Representatives from Bridgeport, Clarksburg, Stonewood, West Milford, and Shinnston were all in attendance.

An official from Census 2020 kicked things off with a rundown, then the conversation moved toward economic development, public transportation, and building inspections.

One of the bigger points up for discussion was the decision whether or not to send a personal letter to Governor Jim Justice about the road conditions.

"It was just a letter stating conditions of the roads in the area and how we'd like to get them fixed up. They are improving some, there's been a lot of paving going on, but there's still room for improvement and that't what we've trying to get," said President of the Association, Todd Somers.

All in attendance voted to get the letter signed and sent to the governor right away.

The floor was then opened to any other concerns the mayors may have that were not on the agenda.

Stonewood Mayor, Jim Terango brought up the lack of volunteer firefighters for the county.

"Volunteer fire fighting has really taken a downturn, people are just not able to provide the extra hours that it requires. It's very difficult for people to be able to put that kind of training out for a position that they're not going to be paid for," said mayor Terango.

After a long discussion and a lot of agreement from fellow mayors, the association decided that their first step is going to be appointing a committee to figure out how feasible a new fire fighter program could be in the area.