Health Alert: Obesity Part 2

BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. (WDTV) -- Overweight and obesity are associated with at least 13 different types of cancer. These cancers make up 40% of all cancers diagnosed.

Welcome back to Health Alert! Joining us tonight is Melisa Bedilion, a nurse practitioner at UHC Oncology.

Question: What is happening that obesity is a leading cancer risk factor?

• A higher proportion of Americans are overweight or have obesity than several decades ago.

• Two in three US adults weigh more than what is recommended. As a result 630,000 people in the US are diagnosed with a cancer associated with overweight and obesity.

Question: So, as a result of being obese, what types of cancer can be a result?

These cancers include:

• Meningioma (cancer in the tissue covering brain and spinal cord)

• Adenocarcinoma of the esophagus

• Multiple myeloma (cancer of blood cells)

• Kidneys

• Uterus

• Ovaries

• Thyroid

• Breast (post-menopausal women)

• Liver

• Gallbladder

• Upper Stomach

• Pancreas

• Colon and rectum

Question: What do the statistics look like as far as cancers not associated with overweight and obesity vs. cancers associated with being overweight or obese?

• Cancers not associated with overweight and obesity are down 13%, bit

• Cancers associated with overweight and obesity are up 7%, except colorectal cancers. The reason for colorectal cancers being down is due to screenings for the disease, which helps prevent new cases by finding abnormal growths in the colon and rectum before these turn into cancer.


Question: What can we do to prevent being overweight?

The CDC’S National Comprehensive Cancer Control Program supports comprehensive cancer control efforts, including environmental approaches that promote physical activity and healthy food options in communities.

Here are six easy tips that we all can do:

• Increase your healthy food options

• Increase your access to farmers’ markets

• Take the stairs at work

• Increase your access to walking trails

• Walk on your lunch break

• Participate in physical activities together as a family and decrease screen time