Health Alert WEB EXCLUSIVE: Shoulder Injuries

BRIDGEPORT, W.Va.(WDTV) -- Question: What can all of us do to prevent injuries to our shoulders?

Answer: Well, it’s always easier to prevent a shoulder injury than to treat one. Here are several tips for keeping your shoulders pain-free and injury-free:

-Decrease the stress on your shoulders by performing strengthening exercises for your back, neck, arm, and shoulder muscles.

-Stretch and complete several minutes of warm-up exercises before any period of prolonged physical activity.

-Maintain proper posture by standing up straight and relaxed without slumping.

-Always wear your seatbelt in the car, whether you’re the driver or a passenger.

-Don’t try to lift objects that are too heavy to manage on your own.

-Try to avoid overusing your arms and alternate hands while working, completing housework or childcare, or engaging in hobbies.

-Avoid keeping your arms raised over your head for long periods, such as when painting.

-Wear protective gear when playing sports, so an injury to one area doesn’t cause you to compensate by overusing your shoulders.

Your shoulder muscles and tendons work hard every day. Be sure to give them plenty of time to rest from the constant motion. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call UHC Orthopaedics at 681-342-3500.