Health Alert WEB EXCLUSIVE: Strollin' Colon Part 2

BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. (WDTV) -- Question: So, what are the testing options?

Answer: It is important to get tested even when you feel healthy.

You do have testing options:
• Fecal Immunochemical Test—(Often referred to as the FIT test)—This is a take-home test completed once a year. The test looks for blood in the stool which may be a sign of cancer. There are no diet or medication restrictions with this test. A positive FIT test must be followed up with a colonoscopy.
• FIT-DNA Test—This is a stool test mailed to you and done at home. This test is sent to a lab to check for cancer cells. It is done once every three years. With the FIT-DNA test, there are no diet or medication restrictions. A positive FIT-DNA test must be followed up with a colonoscopy.
• Colonoscopy—This is probably the most common and familiar. A colonoscopy uses a long lighted tube to look inside the entire colon for polyps and cancer. Polyps can be removed at the test. A colonoscopy is done at the hospital. Bowel cleansing and diet and medication restrictions are necessary. If no precancer polyps or cancer are found, the test is done every 10 years.

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