Healthy fast food options

(CNN) -- Eating healthy doesn't have to be hard. When ordering fast food, think veggies first.

Photo Credit: Joey / CC BY 2.0 / MGN

"You want about half your plate to be vegetables," Elyse Sartor, a clinical outpatient dietitian at Northside Hospital. "Look at the sides, look at the salads."

But salads can pack a caloric punch.

"Any fried toppings, we want to avoid especially breaded fried chicken, which is a frequent fast food salad topping. We want to avoid oversized portions of cheese. One portion of cheese is about the size of a domino or three dice, so they tend to go way overboard on those portions. And consider the portion of the salad dressing too. About one tablespoon, maybe two, and usually an oil-based salad dressing would be your best bet, instead of a whole packet would might be a quarter cup."

Also, skip the fries.

"Steer clear of fried options and don't order a soda with your meal."

If you take a moment to consider your diet, fast food can still be healthy food.

"Tailor your choices - if you are frequently eating out - to what's healthy."