Helping your kids have a large vocabulary

MOMSEVERYDAY -- Research from Child Trends shows children who know more words at the age of two not only have stronger reading skills when they start school, but are also better at math and other subjects.

These children are like six-year-old Davis Patterson. His mom has been reading to him since before he was born and she says from eighteen months on, Davis has been able to talk.

Researchers looked at a nationwide sample of 8,700 children, whose vocabularies were measured at two years of age. Those who used more words had better math and reading skills and fewer behavioral problems when starting kindergarten.

"Children who are raised in a poverty environment sometimes don’t have exposure to some of the learning materials and other things that can help with vocabulary development, says Dr. Marianne Hillemeier with Health Policy and Administration at Penn State University.

Read, ask questions, and talk regularly to your child about everyday activities.