Hazardous wind event in progress across NCWV. How strong will wind gusts become? When will it end?

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BRIDGEPORT, W. Va. (WDTV) - A High Wind Warning for the mountains for Friday into early Saturday. Winds can gust up to 60mph and may cause property damage and power outages. A High Wind Warning means that a hazardous wind event is expected.

Since last night, winds have gusted well over 50 mph across the region. In Snowshoe, a hurricane-force wind gust was reported at 73 mph! This morning we will continue to see wind speeds increase to 25mph to 30mph sustained with gusts between 35mph and 45mph. These wind speeds should peak Friday afternoon into the evening hours. During this time frame sustained winds of 25mph to 35mph can be expected. The strong winds will be in the mountains. Especially ones that face the wind directly. Meaning, ones that face northwest. Gusts in this time could be as high as 60mph, although the lower elevations probably 'maxing out' with gusts of 45mph.

High pressure moves in as the storm gets farther away on Saturday. While winds won't be as strong, there will still be enough wind to classify the day as 'windy'. High pressure will eventually bring sunshine for much of the weekend. However, it will also be on the cold side.