Holiday giving makes a difference in locals' lives

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WESTON, W.Va. (WDTV)- The idea of Giving Tuesday makes some of you in our area sad that we need a date as a reminder to help others. But the message behind it is one many of you support. 5 News spoke with some of you in Weston who say a little giving has made all the difference in your lives.

"You should give every day instead of just on a Tuesday," said Charlene Sprouse.

For several women in Weston, they're usually the ones giving. Now on harder times, others are making the difference for them.

"Even when I'm struggling I still try to help," said Tyauna Bonnell.

"She has always done that," added Brittany Davisson.

"I always try to open my heart up to everybody and this year they're opening their heart up to me," Bonnell continued. "It's just me and two babies. It's really made a difference this year. Last year [their father] was around so we actually helped and this year somebody's helping us is nice."

Her friend Keisha Fisher has five children and signed them up to get Christmas presents from others. She did it last year as well.

"It opened my heart," she said. "It made me so happy that someone else could help put smiles on my kids' faces. You know, what we couldn't get someone else could've got."

"It is sad that you have to set aside a date to remind people to give. But then I can see why you would because we all live a crazy life," said Donna Bonnett.

Bonnett has seen the side of the crazy, busy life where Giving Day is a good reminder. She's also been the one asking for help.

"Yes, yes," she said. "You never know what people's circumstances is. You might not never know that they need something. And people has helped me out. You know, family's been there, stuff like that. You just never know buying somebody's groceries or slipping them a $100 bill sometimes makes the world of difference."

"Everybody in life needs help," said Davisson.

"Yeah, at some point or another. And maybe you can help them," said Bonnell.

Learn how Giving Day has impacted the Lewis County Family Resource Network in the director's interview above.