Holiday shopping continues with Cyber Monday

(CBS) -- Amazon customers worldwide bought more than 64 million items on Cyber Monday last year- that's 740 items per second.

This time around, a surge in shoppers clicking their smartphones will keep the employees inside a mammoth fulfillment center just as busy, according to Amazon spokeswoman Lori Torgerson.

"Thanksgiving day was one of the most popular mobile shopping days of the year," she says.

A lot of shoppers didn't wait for Cyber Monday deals. They got a head start on Black Friday.

Consumers spent a record $5 billion online the day after Thanksgiving, enticed by deep discounts on computers (15.9% on avg), televisions (21.6%) and toys (17.3%).

The increasing popularity of online shopping is also putting pressure on traditional retailers, says economics professor David Clark.

"I would suspect that the number of jobs that are created as a result of growth in companies like Amazon is surpassed by the number of jobs lost in these bricks and mortar types of establishments," Clark says.

Amazon, which has hired more than 120,000 seasonal employees to work at its 75 fulfillment centers across the country, doesn't believe Cyber Monday will necessarily lead to brick and mortar stores going out of business.

"I think there's a lot of players in retail and there's room for a lot of winners," says Torgerson.

An Amazon warehouse is highly automated, but Amazon says that just creates more holiday work for people, including more than 4,000 employees at one warehouse alone.