House Call: American Stroke Month

1. As we’ve talked about previously, May is American Stroke Month. Why is it so important to talk about stroke, especially when during the COVID-19 pandemic?

a. After a heart attack or stroke, as many as 1 in 4 survivors will have another one. In the face of the Coronavirus pandemic, reducing the risk of a second event and staying as healthy as possible is as important as ever.
b. It’s also important to note that up to 80% of secondary strokes may be prevented by developing a prevention plan. Lifestyle changes and working closely with your doctor to manage your health can help minimize the risk of a repeat event.

2. What are some things that stroke survivors need to think about, since our daily routines are quite different right now?

a. Some key things to keep in mind are: Make a plan and figure out how to get refills if you can’t leave home, Take your medication as described and manage your risk factors, keep your follow-up appointments and even talk to your doctor about virtual rehab programs.
b. To learn more about how you can manage your risks, visit today.

3. I feel we cannot stress this enough - what are the signs and symptoms of a stroke?

a. We always want people to remember the acronym FAST
• F – Face drooping
• A – Arm weakness
• S – Speech difficulty
• T – Time to call 911
b. It is so important that people who think they are dealing with a heart attack or stroke to call 911! Hospitals are ready to help you and that simple call could truly be the difference between life or death!