House of Delegates race District 51

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (WDTV)-- The Democratic Party sure is celebrating this evening as they have won all five seats for the House of Delegates in District 51.

Several winning candidates say they're beyond excited to get started. The five elected candidates are comprised of three who were re-elected and two new faces.

Barbara Fleischauer, Rodney Pyles and John Williams are welcomed back by the Monongalia County community.

Along with these three, stands new candidates Evan Hansen and Danielle Walker.

The Democratic Party certainly stood out in this race as it's one of the first times all five seats are filled with the Democratic Party.

Fleischauer led the race with 12% of the votes.

Hansen came in second with just under 12% of the votes.

Williams got 11% of the votes.

Walker got just under 11% of the vote and Pyles came in as the fifth seat with just under 11% of the vote as well.

Hansen tells us his duty as delegate starts tomorrow and that he's hopeful the Democratic Party will continue to come out on top.

"I think it's going to be helpful because I think the priorities of Republicans over the last two years have been not the best for the state of West Virginia and for working people. I don't know state-wide results yet, but I'm hoping that it will pick up a lot of seats and possible take the House back," said Evan Hansen, Democrat in the House of Delegates District 51.

"Looking forward to going back again and hopefully with a stronger Democratic presence, maybe be able to accomplish some of the things we tried to accomplish last year," said Rodney Pyles, Democrat in the House of Delegates District 51.

"I've been in the legislature a long time and I'm very flattered that I came in first. That means a lot to me, that means the voters are saying we want you," said Barbara Fleischauer, Democrat in the House of Delegates District 51.