How will Pittsburgh's bid for Amazon HQ2 benefit North Central West Virginia?

MONONGALIA COUNTY, W. Va. (WDTV) - More than 200 cities have sent their proposal to Amazon, hoping to be the home of the company's second headquarters.

Among those cities was Pittsburgh, our neighbors to the north.

The online retailer promises to bring more than 50,000 jobs, so what does that mean for us in North Central West Virginia?

"Just look at the geographical area a relatively small region and when we're talking about this many jobs just scale it down to 25,000, it's still a lot of jobs," said Brian Lego, research assistant professor for WVU College of Business and Economics.

The president and CEO of High Technology Foundation in Fairmont sent a letter of support and offered Amazon free land at the I-79 Technology Park to build a data center.

"You wouldn't see the effects locally concentrated for Pittsburgh," said Lego.

Some locals feel hopeful that if Pittsburgh wins the candidacy, it could bring more families and more revenue.

"We're less than 300 miles," said Eldon Callen, VP of Governmental Affairs, Community and Economic Development for the Morgantown Area Chamber of Commerce. "It will reach to Harrison County, it will reach to Cumberland and it could possibly reach to Hagerstown."

There's also possible negatives.

"People competing for real estate," said Lego.

However, they feel it will be mostly a positive impact to our region.

"It will be a major economic opportunity for everything, from airlines to manufacturing to schools and training to basic revenue and infrastructure," said Callen.