Has Easton Hill shut down impacted business and surrounding traffic?

MORGANTOWN, W.Va (WDTV) - Monday marks the first day of the work week in which Morgantown's Easton Hill intersection has been shut down.

The closure has pushed traffic to other parts of the greater Morgantown area, and some local businesses have spoken out.

Since the shut down, traffic has been pushed not only to the interstate, but also to Canyon Road and into Sabraton.

"It has been backed up," said Sheriff Perry Palmer. "We've had a couple of intersections that have been really backed up. As of the day shift, Canyon Road has been the worst that I learned from our officers."

Some business owners say it'll be an inconvenience, while some others aren't too afraid.

"Really the only way that's cut off is if you were coming from the bottom of Easton Hill up, so there's still two ways to get here," said Franklin Tatta, who owns Jack & Jill.

"We're going to have to go around Canyon Road, which might be backed up, and might take me a long time to get up there," said Ed Davis, owner of Davis Kitchen & Tile. "It's an unmaned warehouse. As far as traffic, it is early in the process."