How to build your own pinhole projector

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BRIDGEPORT, W. Va. (WDTV) - Are you looking for eclipse glasses everywhere but can't find any? Don't worry. You can easily make your own pinhole projector at home and still safely view the eclipse.

Here's what you'll need:
- A box (a cereal box works just fine)
- Aluminum foil
- White paper
- Tape
- Scissors or a knife
- A push pin or safety pin

So first you are going to take your box and trace the bottom of it on the white piece of paper. Cut out the traced box and tape that into then inside of the bottom of your box. That will be you projection screen.

Next close the box and cut out two rectangles on the side of the top. Cover one of those cut out rectangles with aluminum foil and tape it down to secure it.

Now here's where the pinhole part comes in. Take your push pin or safety pin and poke a hole into the aluminum.

To use your projector, go outside with your back facing the sun and let the light shine through the pinhole. Look through the rectangle cutout that you did not cover and you will see the sun being projected on the white piece of paper.

The longer the box, the bigger the "sun" on the projector.

Don't want to cut out all of this and you're looking for an easier alternative? Take two sturdy plates and poke a hole in one. Similar to the projector, face your back to the sun and let the sun's light stream through the pinhole. You'll see the hole projected on the other plate.