How to make your own rain gauge

Published: Mar. 26, 2020 at 12:15 AM EDT
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For this project you will need a two liter bottle, masking tape, a ruler and scissors. Make sure you have an adults supervision when cutting the bottle and be very careful.

Cut the top portion off of the bottle, this will later work as the funnel for collecting the rain water. Place a piece of masking tape on a flat surface next to a ruler. Draw measurements in inches along the masking tape.

In your bottle, have one inch of water at the bottom. This will help prevent the bottle from tipping over. Make sure when you place the tape onto the bottle, it is above that line where you have the inch of water placed for keeping the bottle steady. This is where your measurements will start from.

Now, when it rains you are ready to place your bottle outside to collect that rain water! Just make sure you empty it out between use and refill it to the one inch mark before setting it up for another measuring stage again.

Have fun!