How were classes the first day back after statewide strike?

BRIDGEPORT, W. Va. (WDTV) -- As schools got back to normal, many questioned that after these nine-days away from the classroom, would it be hard to readjust?

It was a different sight this Wednesday afternoon as the dismissal bell rang and kids walked out of their classrooms. 5 News spoke to some students that said it felt normal. Some, however, said it took them a short time to readjust. But after a couple of hours, it was like they never left school.

"Getting off my sleeping schedule was a little bit difficult but I'm glad to be back in the building," said John Thomas, a student from Bridgeport High School. "It was not easy but with our great teachers, I feel like we will be able to catch up quickly."

After seeing them in the picket lines for nine-days, teachers say they're ecstatic to be back with their kids. They said they were a bit afraid to have their students have a slow start. But they were surprised that most of their kids were on point since they walked in the doors.

"I was scared with the days we have missed, but they were right on the ball, ready to get to work," said Nell Gibens, Band Director at Bridgeport Middle School.

"This morning some of them were still a little bit tired, but once we got the ball rolling, it was great, like we never left," said Melissa Hinerman, Librarian at Bridgeport Middle School.