Ice and snow make for slick driving conditions

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HARRISON COUNTY, W.Va. (WDTV) - When icy road conditions strike, safety is a primary concern.

"I just [want to] get where I'm going safely," said Leigh Beck, a Marion County resident.

Being prepared before you drive is one way to stay safe.

"Make sure your tires are [filled] up and that you give your engine enough time to warm up," said Captain Rick Todd of the Bridgeport Fire Department.

He continued, "It's always good to carry a couple of extra bottles of water in your car and snacks. Also, an emergency kit, jumper cables, blankets, a sleeping bag is a good idea; shovels are also a really good idea if you were to become stuck in a snow bank."

During snow storms, many prefer to stay home, or wait until the roads have been plowed to venture outside. For some, driving on snowy roads is unavoidable.

"We were heading into work this morning and the road had a very thin layer of ice underneath the snow. I was going really slow, but when I went to hit my brake, it spun us out and pushed us into the guardrail," said Beck. She is doing fine after the minor accident.

First responders are extra prepared for vehicle accidents during the winter.

"We try to make sure we carry extra equipment on the truck like warming equipment and blankets; and in general, if you're in an accident, we make sure we shut down the road appropriately so no one else slides into you," said Todd.

If you have a vehicle emergency, stay patient, but be assured that help is on the way.

"Number one, we're going to be a little slower because the road conditions are worse, but number two, we can get there and we have the capabilities to get there. If we have to call for extra help or equipment, we can do that and get into just about any area," Todd said.

The main thing to remember when traveling on ice and snow, is to take your time.

"No matter what the roads look like, no matter who is behind you beeping or trying to push you to go faster, just go slow," Beck said.