Improvements in the works for rail trails in Monongalia County

Courtesy: Ella Belling
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MORGANTOWN, W.Va (WDTV) - Progress is being made on the Mon River Trail to clean up what has been a mess for months.

Many of the issues have been related to falling debris and mudslides.

Much of Monongalia County is connected by the trail system. As a community with many people who utilize the outdoor space, it was a difficult spring, summer, and fall because of ongoing issues with the trail.

"We've had landslides on the Deckers Creek Trail, on the Mon River Trail to the south of us, and then out towards the Mon River Trail near the Pennsylvania State Line," said Ella Belling.

"We've had flooding on the rail trails and wash outs due to severe weather," Belling said.

One of the reasons for these issues had to do with the wet weather earlier this year and many different parts of the trail were closed.

"The year has just been a nonstop rain and sometimes severe storms that has brought down just a lot of mud, debris," Belling said.

"There were several times where we were replacing culverts and trying to clear off the slides."

"The slides themselves would close out sections of trail."

They've been working to fund raise money in order to continue with some of the emergency repairs. Belling says it was crucial for the trail to be fixed now before the weather got even worse this winter.

"It took a lot more of funding outside of our usual trail crew just being able to clear down trees and things like that," Belling said.

There was about $50,000 worth of damage to the trail because of landslides and washouts. That's why they've been working to collect as much money as they can. They even held a fundraising event earlier this week.

"Go to our website, We also have a Facebook page and ways to donate through that."