Innovative project unties children and the elderly

(CBS) -- 90-year-old Faye Garcia never had kids of her own, but she loves being surrounded now by these little ones at "Nightingale House" care home.

"You know, you make friends with them. Woo!"

Last September, the London retirement home first teamed up with "Apples and Honey" nursery to offer daily programs where seniors and children can play and bond.

Care home staff say the addition of giggles, gurgles, and youthful energy boosts the mood and mobility of residents and could help them live longer too.

"Just seeing the kids and hearing the kids in the home, it just transformed the environment from just being a care home into a proper community," says Director of Care Services Simon Pedzisi.

The tots perk up 93-year-old Anna Platman's day, and her friends' too.

"Oh, love it. Love it," Platman says. Pointing to her friend, she says, "She was fast asleep just before. Wakes up. Look, wide awake seeing the children."

Nursery Director Judith Ish-Horowicz says children learn respect, and their confidence grows.

"You have a gift to give to the world, that's how I see it, and I think it helps the children see they have a gift," she says.

The blending of ages even inspired Faye to challenge her pals to a race: their toy cars against her walker.

"Which was so much fun and they loved it! And they said, 'again, again!'" she says.

But everyone would agree it’s a win-win for the young and old.