Jefferson Award Winner: Pam Walker

BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. (WDTV) - Pam Walker is a staple in the Monongalia County Community, along with her trained therapy dogs, Sadie and Bruce Wayne.

In their free time, Pam and her puppies enjoy volunteering at various programs in the community.

Pam is a regular at the Read to Rover program at the Morgantown Public Library, where she can usually be found with Sadie dressed in a cute outfit and Bruce Wayne dressed as Batman.

“Children come in with either a book or they choose a book in the library, and they have a one-on-one where they sit with therapy dogs and they read to your dog,” said Walker.

The Read to Rover program helps children by encouraging them to not only read out loud, but helping them become more confident in their reading abilities, and most importantly, it makes learning more fun.

Pam, Sadie and Bruce Wayne also make their rounds at local hospitals, including WVU Medicine, to visit patients and brighten their moods.

Walker said “I found that a lot of times at the hospitals, that the employees and visitors enjoy it just as much as the patients.”

Plus, therapy dogs can even provide proven health benefits for patients.

Nancy Beckner, Volunteer Coordinator at WVU Medicine in Morgantown said “we have seen dogs bring down blood pressure, so it can really help with some of their medical issues.”

As Pam brings her precious pups around to help others, they in turn help her as well.

“I love to volunteer and the joy that they have brought me, I wanted to share with others,” said Walker.