Jefferson Award Winner: Steve Wykoff

Published: Oct. 18, 2018 at 8:17 AM EDT
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The Jefferson Award, presented by Antero Resources, highlights individuals who've spent countless hours dedicating their time to the community and others. October’s winner, Steve Wykoff, exemplifies just that.

Mr. Wykoff is the perfect example of a selfless role model in his community, working as a volunteer with the Buckhannon Police Department's “Volunteers in Police Service” program…also known as “VIPS.”

“Community service has always been important to me. From the time I grew up, my parents instilled that in me at a young age. So, as I’ve been able to assist and give back to the community, I have,” he says.

Steve is originally from Northern Pennsylvania and moved to Buckhannon, West Virginia in the late 1990’s. He has a background in EMS and has been involved in the Upshur County community for many years with the CERT organization.

He has also performed numerous service activities for the City of Buckhannon, including traffic and crowd control at parades and special events, organizing details for VIPS participation at various events, representing the Buckhannon Police Department and City of Buckhannon at various community functions such as National Night Out and Trunk or Treat.

Steve has logged hundreds of hours with the VIPS program for no pay of any kind, and on some occasions, he has even acquired various things for the VIPS program at his own cost.

Steve’s leadership is a primary reason why the VIPS organization thrives and continues to grow, adding a value of approximately $18,000 a year that the community saves through the realization of the VIPS activities. His dedication to the VIPS program and his community continues to make all of this possible.

Chief Matthew Gregory of the Buckhannon Police Department says:“The level of dedication he has to the program itself, to the police department, to the city, he really does go above and beyond."