Jefferson Award Winners: Scotty and Bobbi Nicholson

BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. (WDTV) -- The Jefferson Award, presented by Antero Resources, highlights individuals who've spent countless hours dedicating their time to the community and others. December’s winners, Scotty and Bobbi Nicholson, exemplify just that.

The Nicholson’s are the perfect example of selfless role models for the Gilmer County community.

Scotty and Bobbi purchased an elementary school in the Sand Fork area in 2017, and used the building to create “The Thomas Center,” a place where children whose families face economic hardship can find a safe haven.

The Director of the Thomas Center, Sarah White says “Bobbi and Scotty have done wonders for the community. They’re the kind of people who, when they see a need in the community or with a child, it’s no question, it’s no hesitation, and they just do what is needed.”

Kids can participate in all kinds of fun activities at the center, including fitness classes, barbeque dinners, seasonal festivals and sporting tournaments.

White also said “There’s been instances of kids needing a pair of shoes for sports or a helmet, and things that parents may not have been able to provide for that child, and they were able to step up and give those chances to the kids.”

Scotty and Bobbi even have a passenger van, which they use to pick up children who do not have a ride to the center.

The Thomas Center promotes family togetherness in an environment that encourages children and adults to be involved in their community.

The Nicholson’s kindness and giving hearts have been a blessing to many in the community, and they do not do this for any kind of recognition, they are simply people who enjoy giving back to a community that means so much to them.