Jefferson Award winner Darlene Haddix

BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. (WDTV) - The Jefferson Awards, presented by Antero Resources, highlight individuals who dedicate a lot of their time and effort to giving back to the community. And Darlene Haddix exemplifies just that.

Most of the time you can find Haddix calling bingo, caring for residents and volunteering numerous hours at the Wallace B. Nursing Facility in Grafton.

Haddix has been a resident of Grafton for over 60 years. She’s a familiar face and many consider her a motherly figure. In fact, most people don’t even call her Darlene.

“I don’t know anyone in Grafton who doesn’t call mom, either ‘mom’ or ‘mammaw,’ that’s just the type of personality she is,” said Diana Davis, Darlene’s daughter.

She’s dedicated countless hours of service to the community and many will recognize her for her work at Grafton City Hospital and the nursing facility. Through all her volunteering she’s formed special bonds with many staff members and residents.

So how would those close to Haddix, describe her?

“She’s a lover of people,” said Sammi Neason, a colleague and friend. “She’s just an awesome person. Always there for you. Always ready to help. Always ready to give. Always there to offer hugs. She’s just an awesome person.”

“She’s sweet and loving and never has a frown,” said Patsy Fawcett, another friend. “Everyone she meets, you know that she loves people. She’s very giving, big hearted and I know that everyone who meets her, loves her.”

“I like to think I’m a lot like my mom,” added Davis. “I think I have a lot of her personality traits and that. She’s definitely been a good influence growing up.”

And why does she do it? Why spend all this time volunteering?

“It keeps me going and the people and their love and their attention,” said Haddix. “They give me the incentive to go on. They want me here. They like me. They take care of me.”