Jenkins changes story on Day 3 of murder trial

Elizabeth Jenkins

CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (WDTV) -- A woman from Clarksburg, who previously admitted to shooting and killing a woman last year now says she didn't do it.

In an interview with Clarksburg Police Sgt. Detective Mike Walsh played in court Tuesday, Elizabeth Ladybird Jenkins had told the police that she and two other defendants-Warren Kip Hall and Daniel Amsler-conspired to rob Keyairy Wilson last march. Jenkins said that during the course of the robbery, she shot Wilson.

However, when Jenkins took the stand Wednesday, she offered a different version of events, saying there never was a robbery and that Hall alone killed Wilson. Jenkins alleged Hall was the mastermind, and convinced her to take the heat and stick to his story.

Hall pleaded guilty to lesser charges last week under the conditions that he testify against his co-defendants. He took the stand yesterday. Amsler, meanwhile, is scheduled for trial in April.