K-9 outreach program provides therapy dog for Bridgeport schools

HARRISON COUNTY, W. Va. (WDTV) - A new furry friend has hit the hallways at Bridgeport high school.

It's all a part of the police departments new K9 outreach program.

Connor, the 5 year old golden retriever, is a official employee of the Bridgeport police staff.

His job as a certified therapy dog, is to bring comfort to students who may be going through a hard time.

He rotates through both Bridgeport elementary schools and Bridgeport high school throughout the week, with prevention resource officer Jamie Hamrick.

This past week he was a patient listener for elementary students to practice reading to.

Officer Hamrick says having Connor in the schools is just another great resource for students in need.

"More and more when you have kids effected by the opioid crisis, domestic cases at home, whatever is going on at their lives," Hamrick said "if this is something that they can use that can calm them down and be a resource for the administrators to use then we're happy to fill that need,"

Students say Connor brightens everyone's day just by being there.

"We love Connor because we're usually walking down the hallway and we see Miss Jamie and we see Connor and he's got his toys- he just makes everybody feel better," said senior student Corey Skidmore

Bridgeport police hope Connor inspires other schools to implement a similar therapy program.