Kate's Corner: Bouncing bubbles

Published: May. 22, 2017 at 11:10 AM EDT
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Less than a month until summer begins. A lot of us may start playing with bubbles outside. What if you could make bubbles that wouldn't pop as fast and some that you could even bounce around? Well, that's what we are making in this edition of Kate's Corner.

What you'll need:

- Water

- Dish soap

- Corn syrup

- Bowl

- Measuring cups

- Bubble wand or straw

In a bowl, ads a cup and a half of water, half of a cup of dish soap, and a fourth of cup of corn syrup.

Mix these all together well.

Take your bubble wand or straw and blow your bubbles. If you want to bounce them around, just use a sock or glove on your hand.

Why does these bubbles not pop as quickly as other bubbles?

The trick was the corn syrup. Bubbles pop when the soap film ruptures. This happens when the contained water evaporates. The corn syrup prevents the evaporation and prolongs the film from rupturing.