Kate's Corner: Cleaning pennies

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BRIDGEPORT, W. Va. (WDTV) - I was organizing my wallet and I noticed it was filled with a lot of dull, dirty pennies. So in this Kate's Corner, we are going to use just two ingredients you have in your kitchen to clean them: vinegar and salt.

Pour some vinegar into a non-metal bowl the stir in salt. All you have to do now is drop in your pennies and count to 10. Take your pennies out after 10 seconds and put them into water to wash them off. Dry them off and now you have shinny pennies that look like new!

The vinegar and the salt work together to remove the copper oxide off the penny. You want to make sure you wash your pennies after you clean them because the acid will continue to etch the copper and produce a green copper acetate and chloride coat.