Kate's Corner: DIY frisbee

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BRIDGEPORT, W. Va. (WDTV) - Summer break may be ending but that doesn't mean we have to stop playing outside.

In this Kate's Corner, we are going to make a frisbee to play with.

Here's what you'll need:
- Oil. (Any type will work. I'm using vegetable oil but you can use olive oil or even bacon grease)
- Corn starch
- Water
- Food coloring (optional)
- A plastic bag
- A microwavable bowl
- A microwave

In your plastic bag, add 5 drops of oil, 2 tablespoons of cornstarch, 2 tablespoons of water, and food coloring. Massage it with your hands until it properly mixed. Next put the mixture in your bowl and pop it in the microwave for 20 to 25 seconds. Smooth out any imperfections then let it cool for at least an hour.

After the hour, pop your frisbee out of the bowl and there you have it. Try cutting out a circle in the middle or shape to see if that makes a difference in your frisbee.