Kate's Corner: Electric Ghost

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BRIDGEPORT, W. Va. (WDTV) - We previously learned all about static electricity and Halloween is also right around the corner so we are going to combine the two for this experiment.

All you need for this experiment is a balloon, either a coffee filter or tissue, scissors, and a permanent maker.

I used a coffee filter and cut out a little ghost. I used my permanent marker to draw the ghost's face to complete the look. Next, take your balloon and rub it against your hair again so you can transfer electrons and change the charge of the balloon.

Now, I taped my ghost down to keep it from flying up to the balloon. Bring the balloon down and make your ghost dance.

Why is the ghost dancing? The answer, of course, lies in static electricity. When I rubbed the balloon on my head, I transferred electrons to the balloon and made it negatively charged. The positively charged ghost was then attracted to the balloon and rose up because opposites attract.