Kate's Corner: Erupting Snowballs

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BRIDGEPORT, W. Va. (WDTV) - In the previous Kate's Corner, we learned all about the different types of snow crystals. In this edition, we are going to make erupting snowballs.

All you need is baking soda, glitter, dish soap, a muffin tin, a bowl, a spray bottle, and a jar or cup, and some vinegar.

In a bowl, you are going to add about a cup of baking soda, some glitter and a teaspoon of dish soap. As you mix all of those ingredients together, spray the mixture if your spray bottle of water. Spray and mix until you've created a dough-like consistency. Now take your mixture and put it into your snowball mold. I am using a muffin tin. You're going to need to wait at least 12 hours for your snowball to dry.

Once it dries, you're going to need that vinegar and jar. Pour some vinegar into the jar and drop in your snowball. The jar quickly erupted with suds and foam.

This all happens due to the chemical reaction between the vinegar and baking soda. The dish soap also adds to help to make the eruption a little sudsier.