Kate's Corner: Expanding star

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BRIDGEPORT, W. Va. (WDTV) - In this edition of Kate's Corner we are going to make an expanding star.

All we need is a plate, five toothpicks, water, and a straw or a dropper.

So first take your toothpicks and split them in half but not full. Leave a little still connected. Do this to all five. Now take your split toothpicks and arrange them in a tight star. We are going to expand this start just by simply adding a few drops of water on the center of the star. Watch it expand.

So what makes your star expand? Well when you add the water, the dry toothpicks absorb it. This makes the wood expand and unbend. As it tried to straighten out, they push against one another opening up the inside of the star.

Wood absorbs water by capillary action, adhesion and cohesion. These are the same factors that allow plants to carry water from the roots upwards through vein-like tubes to the leaves.