Kate's Corner: Fishing for ice

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BRIDGEPORT, W. Va. (WDTV) - Earlier this week we learned how regular table salt melts ice and now we are putting our knowledge to the test with an experiment in which we fish for ice.

All you need is a cup of ice water, salt, and a string or thread. In your glass of ice water, the ice cubes are floating on top. Try fishing some out with your string. No luck.

Now let's add some salt to the ice cubes. After a minute of so lets what what we caught. We've got some ice!

So why does the salt help us to catch some ice? Well, when salt is sprinkled over ice it melts. However, when it is used in such a small amount, like in our experiment, the water around the ice freezes again quickly. This means that the string gets trapped as the water around it refreezes, thus making it stick to the ice. let me know how many ice cubes you can get on your string. Good luck fishing!