Kate's Corner: Flipping arrow

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BRIDGEPORT, W. Va. (WDTV) - We had our science lesson about how light bends or refracts earlier this week and now it's time for our experiment.

All you need for this simple yet fun experiment is a clear glass, some water, and a piece of paper with an arrow or arrows on it.

You take your paper and put it behind the jar. Take note of which direction the arrow is pointing. Then pour the water in. You'll see now the arrow is pointing a different direction. Try experimenting with how far or close the arrow is from the jar. Either way though, the arrow is now flipped.

This proves that light does in fact bend or refract. As the light travels though the air, water, glass, then back through all of them, it bends and becomes concentrated on a focal point, usually near the center. After the light pass through that focal point, the rays cross over each other and cause the images to appear reversed. So the flipped arrow proves that light bends.

I have a bonus experiment online which also proves that fact. You may have noticed once that when you have a straw in a cup of water, the straw in the water does not really line up with the straw outside the water. It's also magnified. This is all due to how light bends each time it travels through materials. So now you know when you see your unaligned straw in your cup.