Kate's Corner: Levitating bag

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BRIDGEPORT, W. Va. (WDTV) - In today's experiment, we are going to levitate a plastic bag.

I am a huge Harry Potter fan so we are going to act like we are levitating this plastic bag with the spell "wingardium leviosa."

For our wand we have a PVC pipe. If you don't have one of those laying around, a balloon will do but it just won't look like your traditional wand. To get our wand to work, we have to rub a piece of clothing or a towel on it.

Now do the same with your plastic bag. It's time to see if my letter to Hogwarts was really did just lost in the mail.

Say "wingardium leviosa" then throw your bag in the air. Have your "wand" underneath it and watch it stay afloat.

Now you probably guessed it already but it's not magic that makes the plastic bag levitate.

It is static electricity.

When we rubbed the pipe and the bag, the two picked up extra electrons. Both the pipe and the bag were then negatively charged. Since like charges repel, the bag kept getting repelled away from the pipe and forced to go upwards.