Kate's Corner: Magic Candle

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BRIDGEPORT, W. Va. (WDTV) - In this edition of Kate's Corner, we are going to do a magic trick with just a candle and a lighter. Since we are going to be using fire, we're going to need parental supervision for this one.

With the help of your parents, light your candle. Let it burn for a few seconds. Now have your lighter ready because once you blow out your candle you are going to quickly put the lighter next the smoke.

The candle relights without you even putting the flame to the wick.

So, what's the science behind this magic trick? Well, the smoke is made up of soot and unburned wax vapor. For a few seconds, the unburned wax vapor's temperature is high enough that it will combust or burn when it comes in contact with the flame.

As the smoke rises, it hits the flame and relights. That flame then travels down to the wick and relights the candle.