Kate's Corner: Magic milk

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BRIDGEPORT, W. Va. (WDTV) - This experiment is an easy one which will blow you away.

All you need is a dish with milk, food coloring, and dish soap on a Q-tip.

Take your milk and put a drop of food coloring in the middle. Then, take your Q-tip and dip in the center of the food coloring drops.

You'll notice the colors burst out and swirl around.

So why does dropping soap dish into milk create a beautiful color of explosion?

Milk is made up mostly of water but it also contains vitamins, fats and proteins. Those fats and proteins are very sensitive to change. Due to the soap's composition, a chemical reaction occurs. The fat and soap work hard to join together which in turns bumps and shoves the food coloring around. You are witnessing what usually is an invisible chemical reaction. Thanks to the food coloring, you were able to witness the colors bursting around the plate.

You can take this a step further on your own and see if trying different types of milk or dish soap make a difference.