Kate's Corner: Marble Valentines

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BRIDGEPORT, W. Va. (WDTV) - We've have made a lot of valentines in Kate's Corner this February but I saved the best for last.

For these valentines you'll need shaving cream, food coloring, paper hearts, and a knife or jumbo craft sticks.

On a plate, spray enough shaving cream to cover the bottom. Smooth the shaving cream around the pan.

Now take your food coloring and add dots on the shaving cream about 4 inches or so apart. Take a knife or stick and swirl the food coloring around, making a marbled effect. Don't stir too much though. You don't want the colors to blend.

Now take your paper heart and place it on top of the swirled colors and press down. Remove the heart carefully and scrape off the shaving cream. Set it aside to dry and later you'll have a really cool marbled like valentine.

The food coloring dyes the paper heart but the shaving cream comes off and once it dried completely you have a cool, marbled valentine to impress your friends and family with.