Kate's Corner: Newton disc

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Today we are busting out the markers to make a Newton Disc! So for this experiment you will need, markers, scissors, a white piece of paper, a ruler, a circular object to trace, and a pencil.

First we will take our white piece of paper and I'm using a DVD. I'm going to trace the DVD on the paper. Then I am going to take my ruler and divide the circle into 8 different sections. Then take your markers and color in the 8 sections with different colors. Now we will cut out our circle. In the center of the circle, we are going to poke a small hole for our pencil to go through. Once your pencil is through, give you disc a spin. You'll notice all the colors turn to white.

There are all still there but just mixed together. The rapid spinning causes the colors to "blend" together which created the illusion that it is actually white. Our eyes can't keep up with the spinning and the colors then blend into a near-recreation of white light.