Kate's Corner: Wacky water experiment

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BRIDGEPORT, W. Va. (WDTV) - This experiment is called wacky water. what you'll need is two identical clear glasses or cups filled with warm and cold water, food coloring, a card or thick piece of paper. you'll put blue food coloring in the glass with cold water and red coloring in the glass with warm water. Make sure both of these glasses are filled all the way to the top.

Now are going to put these glasses on top of one another. For the first part of the experiment we will have red on the bottom and blue on the top. You'll put your card over the top of the blue glass and carefully turn it upside down. Place the cold water glass on top of the warm water glass. Make sure you go around every side of the jar and check that the edges are aligned. Hold the jars in place while a friend pulls out the card from between. What do you think will happen? Well the water from the two jars mix together and create a purple color.

What would happen though if you did this experiment with red on top and blue on the bottom? Let's find out. Repeat the same steps and this time you'll see that the colors don't mix!

The warm and cold water have very slightly different densities so they do not mix. When the warm water was on the bottom, it wanted to be on the top because it is slightly less dense so the colors mixed. The warm water was already on the top so it didn't have to move.