Kate's Corner: Water twist experiment

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BRIDGEPORT, W. Va. (WDTV) - This experiment is called the water twist experiment.

All you need is a water bottle filled with water and a bowl to catch water. You can also do this experiment over a sink or even outside if you want to brace the cold. Finally, you'll need a thumb tack.

Take your filled water bottle and poke five equally spaced holes in the bottom of the bottle. Unscrew the cap and the water will start to flow.

You'll have 5 streams. Run your finger across the streams and you'll see they all combine into one. The streams all twist together. Run it back over and you have five separate streams again.

So why do you go from having five streams to one then back to one?

This is because water have the property of cohesion. Water is cohesive because its molecules are polar and are attracted to each other. The molecules bond and create one stream. When you run your finger back over the stream, the bonds break and you again have five separate streams.