Kate's Corner: What is Sound?

Before we can do this week's science experiment, we have to have a science lesson.

This week's topic is how sounds work. We all know that screaming or banging on something makes a loud noise but just how does sound work?

Well, let's start with the basics. Sound is a vibration or wave that travels through matter and can be heard.

Now this vibration is started by some mechanical movement like clapping your hands or strumming a guitar.

That causes a vibration on the molecules next to the event. The vibrating molecules then make the molecules around it vibrate too. Vibration spreads from molecule to molecule which in turns causes the sound to travel.

The sound waves keep going until they run out of energy. That's why we can't hear someone clap that is a mile away. Our ears are not in range of the vibrations from the clap to hear them.

Sounds waves can travel through liquids, gases, and solids. However, you won't hear any noises in space. There is not air is space so there are no molecules for a clap to vibrate.