Kate's Corner: Hearing and seeing sound

BRIDGEPORT, W.Va (WDTV) - During last Kate's Corner, we had our science lesson on what sound is and now it is time for our science experiment. We all know you can hear sound but today we will see it!

All you need is a few things you can find around the house. Cling wrap, a bowl or glass, and some quinoa or rice or even salt or sprinkles. Anything will work. Tightly place the cling wrap around your glass or bowl then put whatever you're using on top of it. Find some speakers and pick a loud song with plenty of bass. Place the speaker over your cling wrap and watch the quinoa bounce around.

So why does it bounce around? Well, as the sound waves come out of the speakers, they vibrate the molecules and when the waves get to the cling wrap, it vibrates that too.