Keep your pets safe and warm for the winter season

Published: Nov. 14, 2019 at 1:26 AM EST
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Although it may be easy to forget with all that fur, our pets still feel the winter chill.

Dr. Kristen Hughes is a veterinarian at Morgantown Veterinary Care and says she works with many clients that have outdoor animals, and when it comes to the winter season, she recommends providing them with a safe space.

"If they are outside prominently, we would recommend at least having some sort of shelter and in the shelter we recommend some sort of bedding whether it be hay, straw, you can even have a dog bed in there with some blankets. Or at least have a bed closer to the house where they can get more warmth," says Dr. Hughes.

She says precautions should still be taken even with indoor pets, especially on walks.

"Put a actual blanket or coat on them, we do recommend having shorter walks and especially if their dogs are having more difficultly tolerating the snow and the cold and the ice."

Like humans, it is also very possible for animals to get frostbite.

"It's similar to humans when we get "hypothermic" , so you will definitely see shivering, they can kind of get stiff, they can just not be acting themselves, and if you see them struggling trying to get warm, it is in the best interests to put them in a warmer place or get them to a warmer environment," said Dr. Hughes.

She also explained that you can find signs of frostbite by checking specific body parts. Their nose, tips of their ears and paws.

Although we cant control the weather, we can control the amount of comfort we give our pets

"Pretty much anything that'll just add one more extra bit of warmth," said Dr. Hughes.

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